welcome back! food was awesome? what was the best thing you ate?

the food was fucking amazing. the best were penne alla arrabiata, spaghetti carbonara and of course pizza. seriously their pizza fucking shits on all the other pizzas you’ve ever eaten in your life 

i wanna touch and spank your butt 0.0

how was your dinner?

it was ok

thanks for asking

You broke up with your boyfriend?!? What, when, why?

i didn’t break up with anyone but i am single now and have been for about a month. i am not gonna get into why

life goes on and i’m happy(ish)

When you saw DMW live, did they give you the impression that they would later break up? Did you like them in general?

DMW??? lol u mean dwv?

not really. i saw them in denmark in may and i loved them!!! but i will say this: only willam and detox stayed after and took pics with everyone…

do you have a boyfriend yet?

what do you mean “yet”? i was dating a guy for almost six months and i’ve been single for about one now so no i haven’t gotten a bf yet lol jesus christ

/watch?v=3ec6jOMDCXI Watch this video, I hope this makes you smile :)

omfg lol whoever u are thank u so much that last one had me screaming


is there something about drag race that you just hate?

the fact that tyra sanchez won season 2

you look like Simon Curtis... but on drugs

awwww thank you so much

Have you hard Lana's new album?

i have

Will you please cut off your lips and mail them to me

I literally did not know you had another blog hahaha. what is it?


Wait what? Do you have another blog?

you must be new

do you like blacksparkproject or do you find it boring?

don’t ask me about stuff like that on this blog, silly

this is a christian blog and i am right and tight with god

how are you i hope you're ok

thank you, fan

i am doing better


'my other blog is tumblr famous'

i'm a 22 year old gay guy from northern europe who stumbled upon tumblr a few years ago. now my life is a disaster. and this is my shitty little blog enjoy lol