How old are you ?

i am 7

Top 5 queens from the current season of Drag Race?
  2. Adore Delano
  3. Darienne Lake
  4. Milk Ben DeLaCreme
  5. Courtney Act
What do you do for a living? Really curious!

i sell drugs to kids

Which color m&m's taste the best?

boo is this you?????

in related news you could totally be a model

awwww that’s such a lie but thank you so much that’s so sweet of you

Have you ever considered yodeling?

at first i thought you wrote ‘modelling’ and i got really happy but then…

what is this rupauls race and why is everyone talking about it?

sass, men in wigs and hilarious fights

get into it

French fries.

who is this? ;)

look at youuuu doing clever shit hahhah hhah ily hope u v happy xoxo

lol thanks. something different for a change and thank you i am :)

When I finally got back on Tumblr I went straight to your blog. I didn't think I could love you anymore, obviously I was wrong. I just want to take you and your bf and put y'all in my pocket so I can have y'all everywhere I go to make me laugh and smile! Also, I believe you two would be my perfect wingmen! Okay, I'm done fan-girling.... For now! (; P.S. I love you. Okay. Bye! <3

omg you’re so sweet

thank you so much!

how late do you stay up when you're not having the sex?

l a t e

my sleep pattern is more fucked up than perez hilton’s ego

I've never been a huge Gaga fan (and was quite repulsed by that stunt at SXSW), but I will admit that the symbolism in the G.U.Y. video is extraordinary and unlike anything I've seen from the industry in quite some time. I'm almost surprised that Interscope lets her take these not-so-subtle shots at music execs as vultures circling their prey. Using the Hearst Castle was absolutely brilliant given the context of making money out of lies. Curious to know what you think of it all?

i loved the video as a whole. a big FUCK YOU to the people who’ve betrayed her and only focused on money (the opening scene is the perfect symbolism for that). but yeah i’m surprised too that she can actually get away with it. but i love that she’s in control of her own career and she and her team created a beautiful, smart and creative video. 

If you and your boyfriend are ever down for a threesome....Holla. I make it memorable.

If Perez Hilton came to your door step what you do/say?

where do you like to shop?

if we are talking clothes i usually shop online is a personal fave


'my other blog is tumblr famous'

i'm a 21 year old gay guy from northern europe who stumbled upon tumblr a few years ago. now my life is a disaster. and this is my shitty little blog enjoy lol