i just wanna thank you guys for your messages! i appreciate them all

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Big yawns!


Big yawns!


I can’t deal with how amazing they all look!


I can’t deal with how amazing they all look!

i may or may not have spent the whole day watching the entire second season of the amazing race canada






But how come ya’ll thrist after and worship Nick Jonas with his average ass face and flat ass when he says he “loves his gay fans” and goes and takes his shirt off in gay clubs.

But when a bisexual woman like Lady Gaga stands up for the gay community…

K but that was 5 years ago and as of June 2014 she has officially said she is straight. Your fav is problematic hon ;)


Either way why does it matter if she’s gay or straight the fact of the matter is she’s supporting the community so why waste time questioning why she’s supporting it and just go with it like damn

once again proving that your reading comprehension skills are minimal at best. So let me reiterate my point again for the class cause #NoChildLeftBehind.

Throughout those 5 years, (not 5 years ago) she has made multiple statements about being bisexual.. I could link you multiple articles from throughout the years but I feel as if you could not keep up with that many words so here is a good source.

She stated she was bisexual on Andy Cohen’s show in 2013. Again at the ARTPOP release party in 2013. She called herself gay at one of the ArtRaves I went to on 6/3/14, I can post a video if you’d like but regardless I feel you’re just gonna convince yourself of anything to complain about on this topic.

Now let me break down that instagram post for all you reaching illiterates. Straights showing their gayness by unleashing our pride.. now, I know high school level English is hard but stay with me kiddo. “Their” means belonging to the straights of the group.. her straight friends/the men in the picture she has the leash on. “Our” meaning belonging to all are those showing pride in which Gaga includes herself. She is not the subject in the sentence, the straights are. Her coming out as straight would have been “Straights showing our gayness by unleashing our pride.” But hey I get it. I guess she has to eat pussy on stage to prove her orientation for a community of white gays who tell society that their identities and orientations as queers should not be questioned. Have fun promoting a heterocentric society!

Side note: according to you if it does not matter if she is gay or straight.. then how, in your terms, would this make my fave problematic anyways?…. Are you just pulling terms out that you’ve seen posted on celebs here? Lord.

Lady Gaga SNL Sketches

just saw horns

god i love daniel radcliffe so fucking much


spelling bee administrator: your word is delicious
me: D to the E to the L I C I O U S to the D to the E to the to the to the
spelling bee administrator: hit it fergie

Bobrik & Jayveri - Best Cover of Anaconda
4,228 plays!


the best cover of nicki minaj’s anaconda (x)



So my friend and I put together a “Thank You” project for the artRAVE in Denmark last night, where we handled out signs to everyone who were at the venue. Some also brought their own signs and handled those out too. The sings said “Thank You” on it with a heart above it in my country’s flag. In total there were maybe 500 people with sings. That’s why Gaga gets so emotional when she turns around in the video. It was an amazing moment.


ok so artrave was fucking AMAZING
rip me

waiting in line for gaga with my friend
first ones here YASSSSS


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