greetings from italy 🍕🍕🍕

greetings from italy 🍕🍕🍕


finally finding a vers guy after only hooking up with bottoms



this was the best promo she did for any single of that album

this rant actually broke my heart 


*lawyer voice* eat a dick, your honor

hey guys i’m going to italy for the next two weeks

i’ll be back before you can say “anus”

ok you can probably say that a bunch of times before i’m back actually

@ladygaga: Not Today Satan #ChicagoIsMyShit

@ladygaga: Not Today Satan #ChicagoIsMyShit

Happy birthday, hope you have an amazing one:)

thank u so much! i had a great day

thanks to everyone saying happy bday yesterday!

Wait isn't your birthday today or coming up, did I miss it lol cause I know on your other blog last year I found out we share a birthday anyway xoxo happy birthday whenever it is, love your blog :-)

yeah it’s my 22th bday today and thank u so much!

Happy Birthday :)

Thank u so much :)

omg tho

omg tho

my mom recently discovered emojis and she overuses them so much it almost hurts just like we all did when we discovered emojis and it’s so amazing lol




my fucking niece won’t stop crying god she’s such a fucking baby

How old is she

one and a half


'my other blog is tumblr famous'

i'm a 22 year old gay guy from northern europe who stumbled upon tumblr a few years ago. now my life is a disaster. and this is my shitty little blog enjoy lol